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Are You Also Overlooked?

Please note this scouting report prior to the 2000 NFL draft:
“Poor build. Skinny. Lacks great physical stature & strength. Lacks mobility & ability to avoid the rush. Lacks a strong arm. Looks like he’s never entered a weight room. Can’t drive the ball downfield. Doesn’t throw a tight spiral. System type player who can get exposed if forced to ad lib. Gets knocked down easily.”
Now the results 19 years later after almost not being drafted:
9 Super Bowls (record)
6 Super Bowl wins (record)
4 Super Bowl MVP awards (most valuable player) awards (record)
3 League MVP awards
8 consecutive AFC championship games (record)
14 Pro Bowl appearances
16 division titles (record)
Most career wins-232
17 years starting quarterback
Oldest quarterback to win the super bowl-41 years old
Longest touchdown pass in NFL history-99 yards
It is Tom Brady.
Of the 1000’s of full time, paid NFL scouts, analysts, sportswriters and all the owners, GM’s, & coaches combined, NOBODY SAW THIS KID’S HEART.
I am reminded of former Minnesota District Superintendent James Merrick’s comments in a sermon-“A man is what he will become in the eyes of God a long time before people ever even BEGIN to realize who or what he is.”

-Pastor Stein