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Leadership Training

The Leadership Symposium at New Life Tab – Tampa was amazing. So great to see Bro. Terry Shock of KQ Ministries, our speaker. Always wonderful to be with Bishop Dan Davy and Pastor Rashidi Collins!

-Pastor Stein

Godly Leadership

Where would any of us be without Godly leadership in our lives?
Thinking about ministry leadership that has impacted me in a powerful, life changing way.
Personal mentors, former pastors, instructors, superintendents and role models I have connected with, been ordained by, and learned from.
S.G Norris, Robert Sabin, Nathaniel Haney, Anthony Mangun, Lee Stoneking, Gordon Alexander, Billy Hale, Lonnie Smith, Dan Davy.
I wasn’t raised in Apostolic Pentecost, but am truly blessed to have served with some great men of God and to try to “stand on their shoulders”.

-Pastor Stein