Am I Really Making an Impact?

My greatest impact on the body of Christ is not just when I preach a good sermon, but also when I prevail in prayer and move the hand of God, loose angels to minister, and see lives permanently changed for His glory!
Persecution has never stopped church growth, with documented conversions to prove it. And those conversions include religious people. We are to occupy (sit in the town hall or city gate of the enemy and preside as a vigilante magistrate) until he comes.
Are we to believe that Israel was to conquer 60,000 square miles of Promised Land (Numbers 34) without going on the offensive? Not hardly.
“The best offense is a good defense” might work in the NFL, but doesn’t in the Christian church.
With all due respect to legal victories, legislation, voting rights, gun rights, petitions, peaceful protests, rallies, God fearing elected officials, etc., the greatest offensive weapon of the church is still prevailing prayer in the name of Jesus Christ!

-Pastor Stein

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