A Harvest Overripe

Just an initial sampling of some of our Bible study attendees during our startup services on Wednesday & Sunday, along with our Saturday Bible study at Clay County Jail.
A man who was shot 13 times and survived who lives next to us.
A woman from Colombia and her 2 kids, who was a Pentecostal lay minister, recovering from clergy pulpit abuse.
A man recently released from Clay County jail, where we minister, who wants to become an ordained minister.
Another Clay County Jail inmate, who was on death row at one point, who received the Holy Ghost while incarcerated.
A Baptist couple from the Dominican Republic who lives close to us.
A Pentecostal minister who once started a ministry in his home who was not supposed to live beyond 5 years (diagnosed with ILD-Interstitial Lung Disease), who, now in that 5th year, is still alive, healthy and looking robust and moving to Jacksonville from Colorado, where we’re from. Taught him a Bible study during a recent flight when he sat next to me on the plane when he asked me if I was a pastor and wanted to know my favorite verse of scripture. What a lead-in.
I couldn’t have made up their stories even if I wanted to!
Thank you for your prayers for them and all those God will send to us. We are intent on taking this part of our city for the glory of God. This is not a game to us.
God bless you!

-Pastor Stein

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