30 Million on Board

“I cannot imagine anything that will infuriate the Americans more. I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Fleet Admiral and CinC Combined Fleet Isoroku Yamamoto, immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
What about us? What about the Apostolic church? Have Satanic and sinful influences all around us, so egregious and obvious they need not be documented here, caused a Holy Ghost rage that demands unprecedented action?
Are we now to believe that the outpouring at Topeka and Los Angeles (Azusa Street) at the turn of the last century was the apex of all that Americans can produce regarding Holy Ghost outpouring and manifestation, the growth of our 100 largest churches notwithstanding?
Dream with me. What if 30 million Apostolic Pentecostals worldwide actually committed to united prayer and fasting during one particular scheduled time and ate or drank NOTHING for 3 days before we petitioned the king, to reverse the death threat against the body of Christ?
What if we in the Apostolic movement repented of our Laodicean, pompous, political, self serving attitudes and became catalysts for the greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost ever witnessed on this earth, even surpassing what has happened in Ethiopia over the last 30 years, for only God’s glory?
Dream with me.

-Pastor Stein

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