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Hallowed Is My Name

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I am your Father and hallowed is my name,
My church is wearing blinders, like this is just a game.
I am Holy and Reverend,
I am the First and the Last,
I control your today, tomorrow and your past.
I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,
Take off the blinders and see my Words.
Your apathetic, sanctimonious life
is leading you to nothing but strife.
You come to church on Sunday and in the middle of the week;
Yet my Word you never read and my Face you never seek.
Just going to church doesn’t mean a thing,
Getting dressed, showing face, standing up to sing,
clapping your hands and giving offering.
Even saying “Amen” is not enough as you suppose
It will not open up the gates of heaven in the end
That’s not enough as you might think,
for the Spirit of God you must drink
My church as a whole has grown cold, deaf, and blind
I am no longer consumed in your hearts, souls and minds
My Spirit is quenched time after time, yet in times of trouble you ask for my miracles divine
A mockery of my Word is all you make,
The time has come and this world I must shake.
The table is set, and the feast is at hand,
I will deliver my true people and then destroy this land.
All backslidden, all cold, all dead in spirit
Thus saith the Lord - and your hearts need to hear it.
Jeshua help us.
-Jeannette Johnson

Posted by Rich Stein

Am I Really Making an Impact?

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My greatest impact on the body of Christ is not just when I preach a good sermon, but also when I prevail in prayer and move the hand of God, loose angels to minister, and see lives permanently changed for His glory!

Persecution has never stopped church growth, with documented conversions to prove it. And those conversions include religious people. We are to occupy (sit in the town hall or city gate of the enemy and preside as a vigilante magistrate) until he comes.

Are we to believe that Israel was to conquer 60,000 square miles of Promised Land (Numbers 34) without going on the offensive? Not hardly.

"The best offense is a good defense" might work in the NFL, but doesn't in the Christian church.

With all due respect to legal victories, legislation, voting rights, gun rights, petitions, peaceful protests, rallies, God fearing elected officials, etc., the greatest offensive weapon of the church is still prevailing prayer in the name of Jesus Christ!

Posted by Rich Stein

Prevailing Prayer

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The greatest offensive weapon of the church: PREVAILING PRAYER.

Prevail by definition-"to persevere and gain absolute triumph."

Let's come out of Laodicea. We haven't arrived yet.

Consider 1 Chronicles 16:11; Acts 1:14; Acts 2:42; Ephesians 6:18; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; James 5:17,18; 1 Peter 5:8; Matthew 16:18; James 4:6; etc.

Church of the living God-please push it through in prevailing prayer! Jesus Christ had to. Are we now to believe we don't?

Stop playing defense, focusing on past mistakes or what hasn't happened yet, thinking no-one really wants this message or lifestyle, or feeling like a perpetual, helpless victim of circumstances. This is not meant to be unsympathetic at all to those of us who struggle.

There's no church growth, impact, revival, resource, etc., we can't have with prevailing prayer in the will and timing of God, also assuming a follow up effort to evangelize and reap a harvest that is BEYOND OVERRIPE!

The only thing that can stop this is the church itself.

Posted by Rich Stein