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A Rich Heritage

I'd like to recommend www.apostolicarchives.com to you as a great resource for apostolic history in the U.S. You will certainly find something of interest on this site!

My friend Dr.  Gary Garrett and his team of researchers, many with doctorates, have absolutely put together an incredible resource about our message, men, movement, & miracles.

Dr. Garrett has been a delight to get to know and we're thrilled to have a resource like this available!

Posted by Rich Stein

Our Most Basic Common Link

We all realize that Apostolic Pentecostals live, look, and act differently than the rest of our society and it can be very intimidating for some of us to witness and reach those who are not like us. But in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all have a creator. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. We all need a savior. And we are all mortal.

Posted by Rich Stein

Azusa Street Reprise

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Please read this quote from an eyewitness observer of the Azusa Street revival (1906-1915) at 216 Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, California (from here the revival was moved to 312 Azusa Street):

"They shouted three days and three nights. It was Easter season. The people came from everywhere. By the next morning there was no way of getting near the house. As people came in they would fall under God's power; and the whole city was stirred. They shouted until the foundation of the house gave way, but no one was hurt."

Jesus of Nazareth, send this to Jacksonville, Florida. To the I-10 corridor revival prophesied by A.D. Spears and reiterated by Mark Morgan!

The I-10 corridor begins near Los Angeles (Azusa Street) and ends in...Jacksonville.

The number 10 in scripture represents the completion of divine order.

Posted by Rich Stein