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I'm Pastor Rich Stein, and I'd like to have a word with you today about...gold.

This precious truth we love, the oneness of God, baptism in Jesus name, the infilling of the Holy Ghost as manifested by the sound of a new language, and perfecting holiness unto the Lord, this spiritual gold...was not found lying around at the beach, in a ditch somewhere, purchased over the counter, or just handed to us in a visitor packet the first time we walked into a church. It did not get redeemed merely by saying the sinner's prayer or making a decision for Christ in a stadium.

To get the most quantity and TOP value it has to be dug out of the ground (up to 12,800 ft. deep) and later refined by high heat. With heavy, mechanized, machines to bore tunnels. Some blasting has to take place. It's pitch dark. Conditions are life threatening. Unbearable heat. Little air. Life support needed & a light source. Special clothing is worn. It's a noisy, messy, dirty, filthy process.

It is the real, full salvation process.

When I researched the melting point of gold, a Holy Ghost chill came over me. I felt like prophesying. Gold melts at exactly 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit. Israel was reborn as a nation, as a brand (branding iron for gold) plucked out of the fire (Zechariah 3:2), in 1948! Out of the ovens of Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald, Birkenau, Mauthausen-gusen.

"Oh Israel, Israel, shall I bring thee to the birth, and not deliver? Shall I bring thee through the fire, and not redeem thee? Will it not be the time of Jacob's trouble, but shall he not be saved out of it?"

I started shaking and couldn't stop weeping.

Posted by Rich Stein

Laodicea or Lystra?

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"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

May this reference by Winston Churchill to a turning point in World War II with a victory at El Alamein, also be a reference that WE need to utilize our full potential supernaturally and mark a turning point by not allowing the enemy to take any further ground in our cities.

God takes this seriously. This is not a joke to Him or an option for us.

We are here to occupy the very gates (city hall & courthouse- where prophets cried out, kings judged, business was conducted, city planners met & the mayor presided) of the adversary until Jesus Christ returns.

The Holy Ghost would say to the church, "I AM CALLING YOU OUT OF LAODICEA AND INTO LYSTRA."

At Lystra, the apostles had the first open witness to the Gentiles, divine healing broke out, the whole city including religious leadership was impacted, and Paul was raised from the dead!

May it be a turning point.

Posted by Rich Stein

Godly Leadership


Where would any of us be without Godly leadership in our lives?
Thinking about ministry leadership that has impacted me in a powerful, life changing way.

Personal mentors, former pastors, instructors, superintendents and role models I have connected with, been ordained by, and learned from.

S.G Norris, Robert Sabin, Nathaniel Haney, Anthony Mangun, Lee Stoneking, Gordon Alexander, Billy Hale, Lonnie Smith, Dan Davy.

I wasn't raised in Apostolic Pentecost, but am truly blessed to have served with some great men of God and to try to "stand on their shoulders".

Pastor Rich Stein

Posted by Rich Stein

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