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To Take a City

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Three out of four people on earth live in a city. The human story begins in a garden and ends in a city.

According to a recent census, there are 19,519 cities and 16,300 towns in the United States. The Apostolic movement does not have a church in all these locations.

Every city has a personality, trademark, or reputation.

Moses took Akhetaten in the process of devastating all of Egypt.
Joshua took Jericho.
David took Jebus.
Jesus Christ had all of Jerusalem asking, "Who is this?"
Paul stirred up all of Ephesus and caused a riot.
Azusa Street convicted Los Angeles and spread around the world.

Have we taken our city, spiritually?

Posted by Rich Stein

Bible Study

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This picture is from our Bible study, held in our clubhouse, having outgrown our living room, showing just some of those attending. Tonight, our study was on “Encouragement,” the first in a series and we discussed how certain seemingly unlikely and/or insignificant people, at least in their beginning, changed history.

We relived David’s end of the line, wit’s end struggle at Ziklag (ultimately a result of persecution from King Saul), Lincoln’s rise from perpetual failure and chronic struggle to the presidency in 1860 and giving his heart to God at Gettysburg; Rosa Parks sparking change in civil rights injustice to John Kennedy proposing legislation for Congress in 1963, in the midst of concerted opposition, 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, to legally end public, social discrimination.

We took a walk through a time tunnel, and got encouraged.

Posted by Rich Stein


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"The achievements of an organization are the combined efforts of each individual."
Vince Lombardi
Five time NFL championship winning, Hall of Fame coach

Posted by Rich Stein

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