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The Next Level

We prayed for a man earlier this week who just had cancer removed near his spine and there were concerns about paralysis. The prognosis was hopeful he would walk again in 12 weeks. We were told today that four days later, he was walking again! Jesus of Nazareth did this.

New visitors again today and the message was "Getting to the Next Level."

The minute I stop growing, I stop leading.

Posted by Rich Stein

We set Sail on this New Sea

The public launch of New Life Tabernacle in South Jacksonville today saw 20 people in attendance with a former Muslim gal from Sudan in her first Pentecostal service seeking for the Holy Ghost and very close to getting it! So close.
All visitors expressed an interest in returning.
Several others wanted to attend but were not able to.
Our goal is to be at capacity (50) before year end.
Our music was live and anointed by God's grace.
Our message was, "The Deliverer is in This Place." Several reported experiencing supernatural deliverance.
The Holy Ghost spoke through the gifts of the Spirit.
All were encouraged to come expecting a miracle.
Thanks to all of you for your intercession. You're great in God!

Posted by Rich Stein

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