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"And I think it's gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no, I'm a rocket man..."

Today, during lunch with my wife, this song was playing in the restaurant. The Holy Ghost spoke to me and said, "I called him, but he didn't respond."

A half hour later, I walked into a retail store and another song was playing by this same artist. The Holy Ghost spoke to me again and said, "I called him, but he didn't respond."

Friend of mine, God is not fooled by the mere appearance of success, whether in or out of the church. We need to obey the will and call of God that He's been dealing with us about.

Just like Elton John needed to.

Posted by Rich Stein

Am I Really Making an Impact?

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My greatest impact on the body of Christ is not just when I preach a good sermon, but also when I prevail in prayer and move the hand of God, loose angels to minister, and see lives permanently changed for His glory!

Persecution has never stopped church growth, with documented conversions to prove it. And those conversions include religious people. We are to occupy (sit in the town hall or city gate of the enemy and preside as a vigilante magistrate) until he comes.

Are we to believe that Israel was to conquer 60,000 square miles of Promised Land (Numbers 34) without going on the offensive? Not hardly.

"The best offense is a good defense" might work in the NFL, but doesn't in the Christian church.

With all due respect to legal victories, legislation, voting rights, gun rights, petitions, peaceful protests, rallies, God fearing elected officials, etc., the greatest offensive weapon of the church is still prevailing prayer in the name of Jesus Christ!

Posted by Rich Stein

Bible Study Testimony

Last night in our midweek Bible study service, a man was in attendance who told us his story-he was a drug dealer living off of the money he made and he had 50 pounds of marijuana in his possession when suddenly one night some "friends" of his decided to come by and at gunpoint take all of his drugs. Not satisfied with that, they shot him with an automatic weapon 13 times! As proof he showed us the bullet wounds and scars.

Taken to a local hospital ICU, he soon had no heartbeat and was evidently clinically dead. But his mom wouldn't let go of God in prevailing prayer, and pleaded with doctors not to take him off life support and keep working with him, saying, "Jesus didn't tell me he was dead. Go back to him one more time and try to help him." Doctors tried one last ditch effort to resuscitate him and they finally found a heartbeat. One doctor said he's never seen anyone that shot up survive, and turned his heart over to God as a result!

Our visitor works a regular job and says he feels better than he did before he was shot. He told us emphatically he wants to be baptized...in Jesus name (which was our Bible study).

We don't have a baptistry but are making arrangements for it to happen right away.

The 2 men involved in the shooting-one committed suicide in his home and the other got Life + 60 years.

He was seeking for the Holy Ghost last night also and with his level of hunger it's doubtful it will be long before he gets it.

He lives almost right next to us.

Posted by Rich Stein
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